About Leonida's Resort and Restaurant


The development of Leonida’s Exclusive Resort was started last May 2017. It was with the initiative of the mother’s owner, Mrs. Leonida A. Umali. It is located in Barangay Banga, Talisay, Batangas in front of Talisay Polytechnic Institute. Eighty kilometers and around one and a half hours drive from Manila. After a year, the resort opened on June 3, 2018.

The resort’s mission is to deliver exceptional services for its guests, provide a conducive workplace of its employees and to generate consistently increasing revenue. Its vision is to have loyal guests who returns, responsible employees who progresses and revenue that grows.

The resort has more than forty (40) rooms that can accommodate more than two hundred guests compared to its nine rooms that can accommodate up to fifty-five persons on its opening day. The resort also has fully air-conditioned function rooms, two (2) swimming pools, billiard table, basketball court and obstacle course for team building activity. It also has a restaurant open for walk-in and check-in guests. It can serve up to sixty (60) diners. Bulalo, a native food in Southern region, is also available and one of the reasons for the diners to come back. Development of additional rooms and facilities is still on going. Services such as massage and Taal trekking are also available. For the past 2 years of its operations, the resort already catered several private company and government events, weddings, birthdays and other kinds of celebrations.

For safety and security, the resort has employees with certification in fire drill, earthquake drill and standard first aid training and CPR (Red Cross). Full CCTV network security was installed around the area to ensure the safe and peaceful stay of guests.